• Analysis of the next 5 years, the development of hardware tools industrythe

    At present, China's hardware tool industry is in a critical period of one to enhance the core competitiveness, the mainstream industry enterprises are increasing input and transformation of technology and equipment, in accordance with the deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, healthy development, to achieve industry from quantitative change to qualitative change in the transformation and upgrading. Combined with the actual situation and characteristics of the industry development, we put forward the next 5 years, China's tool industry to develop 5 major objectives.

    One is to cultivate the independent brand awareness of Chinese tools. The hardware industry in the past years, based on the steady growth of the calendar year, to 2015 exports reached $10000000000, of which 10% to 15% of the export volume of independent brands. To this end, we should vigorously develop the brand of China's tools, improve and expand the brand awareness in the domestic and foreign markets, so that enterprises in the process of cultivating and creating brand continuously improve their own quality, actively adopt advanced management mode, increase technology and equipment investment, in the next 5 to 10 years to form a number of annual output value of 1000000000 yuan, 3 to 5 world famous Chinese tool brands and a large number of domestic well-known brands.

    Two is to cultivate a competitive leading enterprises. China tools hardware industry in the next 5 to 10 years will further strengthen the leading backbone enterprises, through equity optimization allocation, the formation of joint participation in the international market competition, and strive for the listing of enterprises, eliminate high energy consumption, high pollution enterprises.

    Three is the construction of large enterprises laboratory to start high. On the basis of quality management of large enterprises, the establishment of a high level of the laboratory, to be equipped with advanced professional testing equipment and for the daily quality management.

    Four is to focus on high-end market development. Focus on the international market to do a good job in China's tool brand promotion, to encourage Chinese tool brand to break into the high-end market, while improving the domestic high-end products in the domestic market share of high-end products.

    Five is to increase R & D innovation. The introduction of advanced management system, accelerate R & D and innovation, to create 2 to 1 state-level enterprise technology research and development center, to ensure that the funds for R & D innovation is not less than 5% of the sales revenue, has been declared or obtained the patent has half to put into practical application areas.

    To achieve these goals, the need to take the lead in the national tool industry to lead the role, but also requires the active response and participation of all the tools of production enterprises. Today, representatives from all over the world to meet together, to witness the development of China's tool industry, to discuss the future direction of development of the industry.

    From various countries and regions of the world, the tool hardware industry representatives gathered together in Shanghai, China, the International Forum on tools in the international forum to discuss the current situation and future development of the global tool hardware industry, has a very important significance. Forum for our further cooperation to build a platform for the exchange, we want to in product development, standards development, market development and cooperation of the exhibition, strengthen cooperation and make positive efforts for the development of the global tool industry.


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